Measurable effects of the system
  • shorter time from order acceptance to sales,
  • access to current company data for field employees (customer data, inventory, receivables),
  • efficient and more effective sales process (scenarios, reminding about promotions, previous orders),
  • minimizing errors in the process of accepting orders and issuing documents,
  • modern methods of payment and sales settlement,
  • the ability to order goods at a certain price in advance,
  • increasing unit sales thanks to promotion mechanisms,
  • wide set of sales reports.


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Application appearance


Why our system?
  • taking orders and handling sales transactions,
  • cash settlements and card payments (also the possibility of paying off debts),
  • inventory control of many warehouses,
  • support for many documents: invoice, receipt, WZ,
  • document prints on mobile printers,
  • discounts assigned to the seller or customer,
  • product selection by barcode scanning or manually from a list or category tree,
  • support for promotions (price variants, discount groups, product and document promotions),
  • customer file - customer's address details and information on debt,
  • product card - information about the product and its availability,
  • creating orders for a customer or a seller.

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System modules

Description of our system components

Work - this module enables starting (downloading current data) and ending (sending data to the server) of the working day. This module also contains reports summarizing the work day of the seller in various sections.

Visit- this application function contains all functionalities for the sales process, order acceptance and debt repayment.

Customer file - the module contains detailed information about customers: address, phone number, tax identification number, debt, information on issued and unpaid invoices. The module allows you to change the contractor's data and the ability to add new clients.

Debt - a module that allows you to check the debt of a given contractor and the option to register the payment of debts (option to pay in cash or with a payment card).

Promotions - the module contains information about available promotions, which are temporary and can be assigned only to selected contractors. The module enables the implementation of product promotions (sets, quantitative variants) and document promotions (discounts in honour of or the entire sales document.

Product list - the mobile application section contains detailed information about the product, quantity in the selected warehouse, net and gross price. This functionality also allows you to search for an item by bar code or category.

Customer orders - an application function that allows you to create orders for a selected contractor for selected goods with a due date for a given day in the future. Sale of goods from the order takes place at the price in force on the day of sale.

Contract - the module allows creating a sales order for a selected contractor specifying the list of goods, sale prices and deadline for completion. The sale of contracted goods takes place at a price fixed at the contracting stage.

General order - this section allows the seller to create a demand for goods which in his opinion may be of interest to his customers. As a result of the general order, the seller's warehouse should be stocked up with the ordered goods

Seller Day Reports - this functionality allows you to generate sales reports for a given day. The reports present quantitative and qualitative data. With this function you can also print duplicates of all documents.

Interface - a set of functionalities enabling data exchange with superior systems (TMS, ERP, WMS, other). Our solution can exchange data based on exchange tables, data views, WebService, files. All data is stored in Microsoft SQL databases (MS SQL Server or MS SQL Express Edition). We have developed an interface to the ERP SAP Business One system.


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